Fabian Review – Autumn 2007

Tom Hampson


In this Party Conference issue of the Fabian Review, we reveal polling showing the public appetite for equality. As Gordon Brown’s first Labour Party Conference as Prime Minister gets underway, what are the practical political issues that face him? How can he embed equality at the heart of his agenda? What will be in the next Manifesto?

In this issue of the Fabian Review:

Rachael Jolley outlines new Fabian/YouGov polling showing widespread public support for narrowing the gap.

Sunder Katwala comes out for the Alternative Vote in the Fabian Essay.

Lib Dem Mark Oaten says there are some persuasive arguments for Lib-Lab co-operation, but there are some big stumbling blocks.

Hannah Jameson interviews Ed Miliband about the next Labour Manifesto and hears how he sees youth services as central.

We ask 20 Labour MPs for their Manifesto suggestions – and get Khalid Mahmood for yellow school buses, Sharon Hodgson for tackling child obesity, Chris Bryant for childcare, Frank Field for defending our borders against immigration, Peter Kilfoyle for a War Powers Act, Dawn Butler for wiping criminal records, and Natascha Engel for putting sex education on the primary school curriculum.

And Tory Iain Dale tells us we fail to take Cameron seriously at our peril.

Plus, in Books we have Tim Gore on Simon Jenkins’ ‘Thatcher and Sons’, James Connal on Andrew Cockburn’s ‘Rumsfeld: An American Disaster’, and Patrick Diamond on Robert A Dahl’s ‘On Political Equality’.