Fabian Review – Autumn 2011

Tom Hampson


As Ed Miliband celebrates his first year as Labour leader, the Fabian Review Conference Special asks what he needs to do across the next 12 months to make Labour the party offering the winning formula in 2015.

Deborah Mattinson and Ben Shimshon explain what new polling on leadership by BritainThinks means for Ed Miliband and Labour

In the Fabian Interview Mary Riddell speaks to rising star Chuka Umunna MP.

New Fabian General Secretary Andrew Harrop says that making the case for equality and for state action are central to rebuilding Labour’s electoral coalition.

James Macintyre profiles Ed Miliband’s advisers and says Ed must show the same conviction as leader as he did as a candidate.

Stewart Wood argues that the death of neoliberalism is the starting point for Labour’s strategy.

Ed Miliband’s first year is assessed by critics Philip Collins and Iain Dale.

Marc Stears evaluates the changes to Labour’s structure and message.

Gloria De Piero shows how the phone hacking scandal has changed politics.

Sophie Moullin reviews two new books of ideas hitting the shelves in time for Conference, one from Labour and one from the Conservatives.

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