Fabian Review – Autumn 2014

Ed Wallis


How the next Labour manifesto can reshape Britain. Andrew Harrop writes on Labour’s new statecraft and Margaret Hodge MP and Dan Jarvis MP comment on the challenges facing a new generation of Labour MPs PLUS Mary Riddell speaks to Jim Murphy MP about unprecedented turbulence both at home and abroad.


  • Simon Danczuk MP on why MPs need a job description to promote accountability
  • Lord (Roger) Liddle on how Labour and the Lib Dems could work together in government
  • Writers and journalists Jeremy Cliffe, Mary Riddell, Stefan Stern, Emma Burnell, David Clark, George Eaton and Rowenna Davis comment on how Ed Miliband can take his ideas to the max
  • Paul Richards on lessons for Ed from Harold Wilson’s election victory 50 years ago this October