Fabian Review – Spring 2012

Ed Wallis


This edition of the Fabian Review investigates possible ways to a winning coalition for the left and what they mean for Labour politics.

Introducing a major new Fabian Society research project on Labour’s Next Majority, Marcus Roberts, Neal Lawson, Tessa Jowell and Paul Hunter outline the ways Labour can win a majority and where the party stands electorally nearly two years into opposition.

Mary Riddell interviews Labour’s campaign co-ordinator Tom Watson.

Duncan Weldon shows how the Tories are using the economy to their electoral advantage.

Kirsty McNeill argues Labour needs to create ‘jobs for the boys’

A range of politicians, thinkers and activists discuss which voters Labour should target and how to do it.

Hopi Sen shows how arguements about swing voters and core voters are missing the point.

Caroline Badley says Labour needs to allow its trainded organisers to get on and organise

Jonathan Rutherford reviews Richard Sennett’s Together.

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