Fabian Review – Spring 2013

Ed Wallis


Three years on from one of the worst electoral reckonings in its history – and nearly five years on from 2008′s financial crash – Labour is still struggling to articulate a compelling vision for the economy and what governing from the left means in our times. From the economy to immigration to welfare to Europe, the spring Fabian Review explores how the left can talk authentically about the big issues that define our politics. Inside the magazine:

  • Patrick Diamond on what the left can do in an era of less growth, less public spending and lower living standards
  • Sarah Mulley on Labour’s immigration challenge
  • Stuart White and Martin O’Neill on the ‘New Labour that Wasn’t’ and the lessons for ‘one nation’ Labour today
  • Andrew Harrop looks at Labour’s spending choices
  • Mary Riddell speaks to Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary, on his plans for ‘whole person care’

PLUS: Kirsty McNeill, Emily Robinson, Ann McKechin, Jim McMahon and Catherine West, Matthew Pennycook and Kayte Lawton, Natan Doron, Katrine Kielos, Jen Lexmond and more.