Fabian Review – Spring 2014

Ed Wallis


Could a new wave of Conservative modernisation sink Labour?

The Fabian Review investigates emerging Tory trends, with Paul Goodman, Rob Halfon MP, Isabel Hardman, Kirsty McNeillTim Montgomerie, Duncan O’Leary and Laura Sandys MP PLUS Mary Riddell speaks to Lord Ashcroft.


  • Clare McNeil on why a rehabilitation revolution would reach beyond the criminal justice system
  • Barry Sheerman MP on crowdfunding for sustainability
  • Natan Doron makes the case for breaking up the Treasury
  • Anna Randle argues there is much to learn from the example of co-operative councils
  • Rosie Clayton calls for a fundamental rethink of how we ‘do’ education in Britain
  • 100 years after its publication, Richard Speight takes a look at the legacy of The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists

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