Fabian Review – Summer 2013

Ed Wallis


Labour’s intellectual debates in opposition have not lacked for vigour and creativity but the traditional Labour focus on redistribution and tackling inequality has yet to feature as a central part of the story.

The summer Fabian Review features new research on growing inequality and highlights why Labour needs to rediscover its egalitarian core.

Inside the magazine:

Howard Reed on why the coalition’s benefit reforms are a speeded up version of Thatcherism

Kate Bell on the arguments for investing in childhood

Andrew Simms asks ‘do we want to grow forever?’

Mary Riddell speaks to Arnie Graf, the influential adviser to Ed Miliband on Labour’s community organising revolution

PLUS: Margaret Hodge, Peter Taylor-Gooby, Rupa Huq, Stephen Timms, Marcus Roberts, Sofie Jenkinson, Jen Lexmond and more.

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