Fabian Review – Winter 2007

Tom Hampson


Echoing the theme of the Fabian New Year Conference 2008, the Fabian Review focuses on foreign policy.

One year before George Bush leaves office, we interview the Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, about his European vision, present our ‘Manifesto for the World after Bush’ and six authors show us ways we can change the world.

In this  issue of the Fabian Review:

Tom Hampson interviews David Miliband on his European vision.

Sunder Katwala outlines his manifesto for the ‘World After Bush’.

Paul Hilder shows what you can do to change the world.

Six Fabian authors give their ideas on how to change the world: Meg Russell calls for donations to DfID, Rachel Briggs asks ‘what next after the war on terror?’, Tim Gore says we need a new European Security Strategy, Denis MacShane advocates setting up a global FBI, Tony Klug on why Brown must put pressure on Israel and Paul McAleavey demands a new green skills fund.

Malcolm Chalmers writes the Fabian Essay on how diplomacy with Iran must work.

Ian Lucas writes that devolution for England could save the United Kingdom.

And in Books Rachael Jolley interviews Joseph Stiglitz, Nazenin Ansari looks at three books about progressive Iran, Zohra Moosa reviews Oona King’s new book and

Mark Rusling says if we work together we can defeat the BNP.