Fabian Review – Winter 2009

Tom Hampson


The Fabian Review New Year Conference special previews the politics of 2010. This is clearly going to be a make-or-break political year, so the Fabian Review considers some of the key challenges that will shape not only the next election, but the longer term inquest into where next for the left.

Will Straw argues that to build a new winning coalition we need to understand a changing electorate.

Jonathan Rutherford calls for a radical vision of the state.

Denis MacShane comments on the demise of debate within politics.

James Crabtree says we need to generate a range of new ideas and approaches for the left.

Stella Creasy says that Labour must set progressive benchmarks for the Tories.

Sunder Katwala highlights the need for a more imaginative Labour manifesto.

Mary Riddell interviews Alistair Darling.

Julian Le Grand stands up for the Child Trust Fund.

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