Fabian Review – Winter 2010

Tom Hampson


The new political year gets underway with Ed Miliband embarking on a comprehensive policy review. The Fabian Review’s New Year Conference special examines some of the big questions Labour needs to ask itself during this process, on its route back to power.

Liam Byrne, the man tasked with leading the policy rethink, kicks off the discussion and looks at how Labour can bounce back.

Tom Hampson shows that Labour can explain its values via a ‘popular fairness code’.

Kate Green argues for a new focus on inequalities between the generations

Bryony Worthington proposes five ways to make environmental policy central to Labour’s renewal.

Maurice Glasman explores how Labour can find its lost identity.

Natascha Engel argues that power is still too concentrated in Westminster.

In the Fabian Interview, Mary Riddell talks to the new Shadow Chancellor Alan Johnson.

In the Fabian Essay Sunder Katwala suggests charging VAT on private school fees as a way to fund the coalition’s flagship pupil premium policy.

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