Fabian Review – Winter 2013

Ed Wallis


In our final edition of 2013, the Fabian Review looks at the year ahead for Labour and assesses why 2014 might be the last chance for Labour’s radicals to assert themselves ahead of the general election with contributions from Sunder Katwala, Emma Burnell and a number of MPs commenting on what Labour’s focus for the next year should be .Featuring:
  • Stewart Lansley outlines an economic model that seeks to distribute corporate earnings more fairly between surpluses and wages
  • Colin Crouch revisits his post-democracy idea from his 2001 Fabian pamphlet and finds it as relevant as ever.
  • Shortcuts include contributions from Dianne Hayter on whether Ed Miliband is ‘bringing back socialism’, Nick Butler on the necessity of a good relationship with the civil service, Diana Johnson MP on investing in the north, Sean Kippin on why political and electoral reform is still required, Andrea Westhall on associative democracy and Lara Norris on fighting UKIP through engaging with communities.

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