Hardest to Reach?

Tom Hampson


The politics of multiple needs and exclusions

More than two thirds of people say they are personally concerned with the problems of people with multiple needs and exclusions, according to YouGov polling in this new Fabian Policy Report. The pamphlet, which looks at policies to improve the lives of people who experience a combination of issues including homelessness, substance misuse, mental ill health and who are often serving short-term prison sentences, has contributions from across the political spectrum.

Chapters have been written by Iain Duncan Smith of the Centre for Social Justice, Alasdair Murray from CentreForum and former social exclusion minister Hilary Armstrong among others.

Kellner argues that the figures show that government will have the public’s support for quite radical change, if they get it right.

The pamphlet, supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and published in association with the Making Every Adult Matter coalition, contains essays from Tom Hampson and Oliver Hilbury, Peter Kellner, Iain Duncan Smith, Alasdair Murray, David Halpern and Akash Paun.

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