In or Out? Labour and the Euro

Andrew Gamble, Janet Bush, Larry Elliott


The euro has been the subject of fierce debate for years. Yet how many Britons can honestly say they understand the issues or have formed a considered view? Now, with the introduction of notes and coins, the euro debate has changed markedly. It is no longer theoretical; soon millions of British citizens will have felt the currency in their hands; thousands of companies will daily be dealing in euros.

The time is now right for a proper debate about British entry. This should not be a private argument about tactics and timing, or even solely about the relative economic advantages; it is a question of fundamental principle and of politics, especially for those on the left of centre. There are real choices to be made by social democrats about the future direction of progressive politics in Europe and the UK. Making a valuable contribution to that debate, In or Out? Labour and the Euro sets out in a clear and accessible manner the left of centre case for and againstUK membership, one of the most important debates of the present political era.


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