In the Mix

James Gregory


Housing policy across the last century has been nothing short of disastrous for many people. Despite the great ambitions of successive Labour Governments, housing still fails too many social groups. This Fabian Policy Report shows a strong association between public housing, worklessness and poverty, but the system also fails first time buyers, people living in cities and even middle class home owners. This is only being made worse by the economic crisis.

We need to get housing policy right for the recession years and for the longer term. With detailed policy proposals, ‘In the Mix: Narrowing the gap between public and private housing‘ shows how we can make a fundamental shift in the way we think about housing by mixing public and private, using holistic housing management, replacing Housing Benefit with a Housing Cost Credit, and balancing the ‘right to buy’ with a ‘right to sell’.

The report is by Dr James Gregory, a Research Fellow at the Fabian Society, and includes an introduction from Nick Raynsford MP.