Our London

Sadiq Khan MP


The capital after 2015

London is a city facing big challenges. Unprecedented population growth is putting huge strain on our housing, transport and infrastructure. The increasingly globalised economy means that our businesses have to compete on an international stage. And most worryingly, rising numbers of Londoners are being left behind by our city’s success as inequality widens and poverty is growing.

But London doesn’t need to be a tale of two cities; one that is an international playground for the wealthy with the best restaurants, theatres and galleries in the world, while the other is an increasingly difficult place to make ends meet for the vast majority of Londoners.

It’s in the common interest of Londoners, businesses, councils, government and the mayor to kick-start a serious conversation about our capital city. In ‘Our London: The capital beyond 2015’ we have brought together policy experts, politicians and social campaigners from across our city to set out radical solutions to London’s problems.