Outward to the World

Ed Wallis


How the left’s foreign policy can face the future 

Foreword by Hilary Benn MP | Introduction by Mark Leonard 

With Russia flexing its muscles, Isis a rising threat and a refugee crisis caused by failed states and civil war, international affairs are at the top of the political agenda. But the left’s foreign policy debate has been defined more by the battles of the past than the challenges of the future.

It is more important than ever that the left sets out a forward–looking vision of Britain’s role in the world. ‘Outward to the World’ maps out a practical but progressive foreign policy from first principles, developing the building blocks of a practical idealism: a new account of globalisation, a reinvention of the European security order, a political vision for de-escalation in the Middle East, a different account of what multilateralism means in the world.

Today’s left needs to reunite around a new internationalism – which develops a story about the changes in the world and a programme to respond to them, informed by its values.

With chapters by: Malcolm Chalmers, David Clark, Jo Cox MP, Phoebe Griffith, Stephen Kinnock MP, Daniel Levy, Baroness Jan Royall, Jean Seaton, Andrew Small, Lord Stewart Wood.

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