Progressive Globalisation

Michael Jacobs


Polarised between neo-liberal advocates of free trade on the one hand, and utopian ‘anti-globalisers’ on the other, debates about globalization frequently generate more heat than light. This pamphlet offers an important new approach.

Progressive Globalisation argues for the management of global capitalism under social democratic principles. It shows how the application of common rules and structural reforms, backed by democratically legitimate international institutions, can address the urgent problems of worsening global inequality, environmental degradation and economic instability. Drawing on the history of national social democracy in the 20th century, it sets out the ‘four pillars’ of a new global system: equitable trade, economic regulation, global redistribution, and democratic governance.

The pamphlet calls for a new coalition to work for progressive gloablisation comprising social democratic parties, NGOs, trade unions and enlightened businesses. It offers both a prospectus and a challenge to everyone campaigning for global change.

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