Revaluing Food

Natan Doron


When it comes to food waste and food policy, there is a need for some innovative policy thinking. In addition, we must also confront questions about the purpose of our food system. Is it to provide an excess of food at the cheapest possible prices?

Or is it to ensure that all are well fed and can enjoy access to good quality food? The articles that follow offer a range of answers to and opinions on some of these questions and more. Some focus specifically on the problem of food waste, others look at the food system more broadly.

The articles come from a variety of perspectives, some from academia and others in the game of advocacy. At times, the views of the various authors may conflict, but in true Fabian tradition, they all provide ground for further thought and discussion. Ultimately what they all illustrate in primary colours is that food is indeed a deeply political issue and we have a collective duty to reason together about what we want our food system to deliver.