Spending Wisely

Future Spending Choices Commission


This is the first report of the Fabian Commission on Future Spending Choices which was established to consider the public spending options for a government coming to power in 2015. The report is published to coincide with the 2013 Spending Round. It looks beyond current short-term debates to ask whether we are having the right sort of conversation about public spending; and what new principles, processes and structures can improve spending decisions. The report calls for debate on wide-ranging institutional reform to achieve wiser spending choices.

The Commission is considering: the purpose of public spending and the values and criteria which should be adopted for determining spending allocations; pressures and priorities for public spending, including issues of long-term sustainability; likely scenarios for overall expenditure between 2015 and 2020; economic reforms which might reduce demand for public spending; how public spending can best support growth, jobs and earnings; and how the public sector can manage with less money.

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The Fabian Commission on Future Spending Choices is a year-long inquiry established to examine public spending choices for the UK Government for the period 2015-2020. It is considering how the UK can reduce its fiscal deficit in a way that maximises prosperity, security, sustainability and social justice. The remit of the inquiry is the UK Government so excludes decisions devolved to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The commission has conducted its work through eight evidence hearings, by seeking submissions and by commissioning background evidence papers. This work has been supported by an expert advisory network.