Stopping the Far Right

Fred Grindrod, Mark Rusling


The rise of far right extremists – such as the British National Party – is one of the most worrying trends of recent times. With ever more candidates, increased media attention and a rising number of votes, the BNP seems to be here to stay. They have capitalised on the disengagement, disenfranchisement and fear that many voters in more deprived communities feel.

‘Stopping the Far Right’ argues that anyone involved in the Labour Party, trade unions and the wider progressive movement should join the response to this challenge. Through a detailed look at the recent history of British far right politics and a careful consideration of the current situation, the authors hope to engage all those who are ideologically opposed to the BNP. ‘Stopping the Far Right’ aims to act as a practical tool for anyone who is engaged in this argument.

This is no 55 in the Young Fabian pamphlet series and is supported by Searchlight and Unite the Union.

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