Fabian Review – Summer 2009

Tom Hampson


With a series of political and economic shocks having rendered Labour’s intellectual foundations shaky at best, this special issue of the Fabian Review aims to pick up the pieces and kick start the Labour brain. The magazine looks at the next big ideas – the ones that are not solely or even primarily focused on winning Labour the next election, but look beyond that to how we want to shape our political and economic future.


Mary Riddell interviews parliament’s premier penseur Jon Cruddas.


Home Secretary Alan Johnson talks constitutional reform.


Larry Whitty says we have to revise our view of the state.


Claire Fox issues a plea for idealism.


Stuart White sets out how the left can bring ownership back in.


Jessica Asato reviews New Labour


Nick Anstead looks at new approaches to new issues


Richard Reeves warns against stifling the market.


The magazine also includes exclusive polling by You Gov on the state of our democracy, and a feature on what not to spend in the recession.


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