The Green Crunch

Sir John Harman


As Britain heads towards recession, many people on the left fear that the politics of the environment will get lost amid the clamour for short-term economic solutions. However, in ‘The Green Crunch’, former Chairman of the Environment Agency Sir John Harman argues that in fact now is the right time to fundamentally rethink our economics to meet the environmental challenges we face.

By turns sobering and optimistic, strategic and pragmatic, Harman’s analysis delivers messages for policy-makers, politicians, and for the Labour Party.

“What faces us is nothing less than a realignment of politics, here and elsewhere. We are in trouble with our place on the planet and many of our current assumptions and behaviours are simply not relevant to this challenge. This pamphlet examines some of the main lines that would have to emerge in the journey to an ecologically intelligent politics.”

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