The Making of Europe’s Constitution

Gisela Stuart MP


Europe’s political leaders are seeking to agree a new Constitution for Europe. This will be the most significant constitutional development in Europe since the Treaty of Rome established theEuropean Economic Community in 1957. But will it make Europe’s institutions more effective and easier to understand?

The Making of Europe’s Constitution offers an accessible guide to what is at stake in this important debate. The author served as one of two House of Commons representatives on the European Convention, chaired by former French President Valery Giscard d’Estaing, which met over a period of sixteen months and produced the draft Constitution for Europe. The pamphlet explains how the draft Constitution was formed and debated – and questions whether the model of European integration which has driven much of the historic development of the European Union is the right one for the new, enlarged Europe.

Thirty years after Britain joined the European Community, we have still not made European issues fully part of the fabric of our national democratic life. Gisela Stuart argues that we must change the way that we deal with Europe if Britain is to contribute fully to the reshaping of European politics.

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