The New Case for Europe

Roger Liddle


In politics, economics and foreign policy Europe is the essential tool for the progressive causes of our time. This, however, is threatened by the decline in British pro-Europeanism. The New Case for Europe argues for the relevance of Europe today.

Why has the Government failed to turn public opinion around on Europe? This hard-hitting pamphlet sets the agenda for the national debate on the European Union which could dominate British politics from the day after the General Election.

Separating fact from fiction over the contents of the Constitutional Treaty, Roger Liddle argues that its ratification is essential for the British national interest and an effective European Union but argues that achieving this will requires pro-Europeans to face up to recognise that the old case for Europe no longer works. Liddle sets out how the argument for Europe must be remade – in politics, in economics and in foreign policy. Against those on the left who see the EU debate as a side issue or unnecessary distraction, Liddle argues that a newEuropeis the essential tool for the great progressive causes of our time.

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