Visions of the endgame

Tony Klug


This Fabian Freethinking paper argues that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is on the verge of becoming irresolvable but that President Obama’s first term offers a final opportunity to settle it.

Attempts to revive sham negotiations between the reluctant parties or to build trust between an occupying authority and an occupied people are a waste of effort.

Tony Klug explores the complex web of imperatives underlying the conflict and warns that the toxins of this quintessentially twentieth century quarrel could spill over and poison an already heavily challenged twenty-first century. The best way to avoid such a calamity is swift, robust, internationally led action based on clear goals and an effective enforcement mechanism. ‘Visions of the Endgame’ describes a more assertive approach that circumvents the stalemate, calls the bluff of all parties and catalyses a new dynamic.