What worked

David Blunkett MP, Kate Green MP


‘What Worked’ looks at what the Labour Government got right and wrong on social exclusion since 1997, and how campaigners can make this issue a top priority for the next government.

‘What Worked’ follows the publication of ‘Hardest to Reach? The politics of multiple needs and exclusions‘. As all political parties look to make spending cuts at low political cost, this Policy Report argues that it should not be those on the fringes of society who are made to bear the brunt of the recession.

The socially excluded lack a strong political voice and this may make some politicians perceive current policy programmes as low hanging fruit when it comes to deciding what not to spend. But the pamphlet argues that these are the people who need government the most and that social exclusion should be at the top of the next government’s agenda, whichever party ends up forming it.