Why Life Chances Matter

Alan Milburn, David Miliband MP, John Reid, Ruth Kelly, Yvette Cooper MP


This influential interim report of the Fabian Commission on Life Chances and Child Poverty draws on new Fabian/MORI deliberative research into public attitudes to set out the philosophical and political challenges involved in forging a compelling new public politics of inequality.

With responses from David Miliband, John Reid, Ruth Kelly, Alan Milburn and Yvette Cooper.

The mission to improve and equalise life chances defines the political left. This important collection sets out why the Labour government must make inequality central to its third term public agenda if it is to achieve its goals of abolishing child poverty by 2020 and embedding a ‘progressive consensus’ in British politics. If Labour is serious about realigning British politics and transforming our society in its third term, then the life chances agenda enables the government to articulate its vision of the good society and the programme which can bring that society closer to reality.

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