Why the Right is Wrong

Gordon Brown


Heading into one of the most closely fought elections in recent British history, Gordon Brown outlines in this Fabian Ideas pamphlet the intellectual and philosophical case for progressive politics. ‘Why the Right is Wrong’ argues we must harness the power that comes from people acting together to create a better and fairer society.

“In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, many commentators around the world argued that it would herald a momentous shift in politics. The age of neoliberalism was over, they said – and they were right. The crisis has shown once and for all that the rightwing approach of laissez-faire and unregulated markets simply cannot face up to the challenges of the twenty-first century. The Right, to put it bluntly, is wrong. Its core belief – a dogmatic hostility to government action, no matter what the circumstances – has now been shown not only to be unfair, but also totally incapable of securing the prosperity it claimed it could.”

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