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Banking reform from the bottom up

Clive Lewis

Like most people of my generation my first memory of banks wasn’t a bank but a building society. But those soon disappeared after the deregulation reforms of the 1980′s. After that they weren’t something I paid much attention to other than moving between them as a student to get the ever larger overdraft facilities they…


Banking reform: Why moving your money matters

Joel Benjamin

On Friday, Labour leader Ed Miliband announced plans to break the monopoly of the big five UK banks, creating two new ‘challenger banks’ in a policy move designed to tap into raw public anger following the banking crisis, recent scandals and continuing failure to tackle the toxic bank bonus culture. Miliband’s speech was delivered at…


The loan danger: Capping payday lending isn’t enough

Richard Speight

George Osborne’s astounding U-turn on a payday loan costs cap was greeted with glee from the left and confusion from the right. It is a victory for the legal loan sharks campaigners, but it isn’t complete. The growth in payday lending has not come about because consumers have suddenly felt a need to chuck their…

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