What now for Scotland?

Scotland, the Union, and Brexit On Saturday 8 October the Scottish Fabians held a conference in Edinburgh to discuss the implications of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. With Brexit set to dominate British politics for the foreseeable future, the conference provided a valuable opportunity to consider the economic, social, and constitutional ramifications of…


Four ways to resist the coming dystopia

Ben Walters

Are you scared? I am. When you look at the news – Aleppo, Trump, Putin, the Conservative conference, the crazy weather – do you get a sinking feeling? I do. Do you wonder if there’s actually anything you can do about it all? I do. Here’s the bad news. I think that fear is probably…


England in 2030

Liam Byrne MP

‘It’s tough to make predictions’, said the great baseball sage, Yogi Berra, ‘especially about the future’. But in politics there are great prizes for a political party with a sense of how the world is changing, the new risks and opportunities on offer – and a plan to make the future work for ordinary families….

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