England: a crisis

John Denham

England was a fractured country well before the 24th June; the tensions that are now widely acknowledged had been developing for many years. A different result would have just left the other half of England feeling they had lost their country. The centre ground of politics is hollowing out – with the socially conservative more…

work hoem

What’s really happening in the world of work?

Cameron Tait

While record numbers of people are in employment and some good jobs are being created, there are three key trends which define the changing world of work: hollowing out, stagnation and atomisation. It is only by understanding the true nature of these trends that policy makers can begin to formulate solutions to the growing anxiety,…


Future careers

Olly Newton

In her first speech as Britain’s new prime minister, Theresa May was keen to nail her credentials as a one nation Conservative firmly to the mast as she spoke of ‘burning injustice’.  She cited the limitations on educational and professional opportunities faced by ‘white working class’ boys and those who go to a ‘state school’….

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