The Labour alternative

Chelsea Nelson

When the snap election was announced, many Labour supporters initially felt despondent. This election felt like a cynical move to capitalise on the huge poll lead the Tories had over Labour – a lead that has slowly been eroded. Since the announcement, Labour has rallied and played to its strengths: getting activists out on the…


The two great environmental issues

Adam Clarke

Air quality and climate change are the two great environmental issues of modern times, but a desire to protect and enhance our environment from the left of political thought spans centuries and predates the Labour party itself (see Robert Owen and New Lanark or Octavia Hill and the founding of the National Trust). Three years…


A united team

Charlotte Norton

I’m lucky enough to live in a safe Labour constituency, Poplar and Limehouse.  I’ve spent some time this election on what I call “comfort canvassing” in Tower Hamlets, to show appreciation to our voters, and give myself a boost. Living in a safe seat however, I feel my feet and enthusiasm are needed more elsewhere,…

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