Environmental challenges

Leonie Cooper

The environmental challenges facing the new London mayor and Assembly probably need no rehearsal and top of the agenda is the issue of London’s toxic air, which the mayor has memorably described as making you ill and being illegal. But in the light of the decision of the UK as a whole to leave the…


The recipe for a popular green campaign

Sue Ferns

I was pleased to be invited to the well-attended Fabian roundtable held at the Labour Party conference on land, community and a popular environmentalism. There’s clearly much more to be said on such an important and wide-ranging topic than could be covered in an hour’s discussion in Brighton and, I would argue, more voices to…


Welcome to… Defra

Natan Doron

When heading up the transport brief for Labour Maria Eagle showed a great ability to apply one nation politics to transport policy. She was brave enough to engage with questions of ownership and also to chart a course that would put communities in more power over transport decisions. This ability will need to be displayed…