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Future paths for the arts

Lois Stonock

The last time the government took a holistic look at the arts sector was in 1965 with the publication of the first ever culture white paper by Jennie Lee entitled ‘A Policy for the Arts, First Steps’. The paper sought to outline a path to making ‘the arts’ accessible to all. Now in 2016 we…


Labour, England and the end of British Scotland

Jonathan Rutherford

Gordon Brown’s speech the day before the 2014 Scottish referendum vote was a passionate defence of the politics and history of the British union. He expressed the heart and soul of Labour in Scotland. But his speech was an elegy for a lost world of Scottish Labour politics. The elections on May 5 confirm that Labour…


How do you value a library?

Dan Jarvis MP

Here is a question I encounter all too often as Shadow Minister for Culture: how do you value a library? There are a few ways of doing it. You can look at profit and loss: by that measure libraries, along with many other public services, are a dead weight. You can widen the criteria to…