Foreign policy and the left: “first, do no harm”

Gerald Holtham

The Fabian Society’s publication Outward to the World was subtitled “How the Left’s Foreign Policy Can Face the Future”. Some of its contributors, however, showed an incapacity to face the past. The shadow of the Iraq war was frequently cited as inhibiting clear thinking about foreign policy on the Left. Yet the Iraq war was not…

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The left’s nuclear choice

David Clark

Labour has launched a defence review, the main conclusion of which will be a decision on whether to maintain support for the renewal of Britain’s Trident nuclear deterrent or adopt a policy of unilateral disarmament favoured by its new leader. The fact that this issue has been reopened after so many years is for many…

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Meeting common challenges collectively

Ian Bond

A future Labour government will be under pressure to spend on urgent domestic priorities like health, education and housing, repairing the damage done by years of austerity. But the government will still have to respond to multiple complex national security challenges. Military power may be only part of the solution to them – or it…

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