Germany’s social democrats

Fedor Ruhose

After Martin Schulz became leader of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and was nominated as its candidate for the German chancellery, it looked like a political myth had finally been proved wrong. Up until the nomination of Schulz in Spring 2017, the narrative had prevailed that the Social Democratic Party had lost its popular base,…


The age election

Andrew Harrop

The 2017 election could mark an unprecedented and remarkable divergence in the way different age groups vote. If the opinion polls are anything like accurate, the expected Conservative victory will be almost entirely the responsibility of voters over the age of 50. The polls suggest that Labour will be crushed when it comes to the…


The system is rigged, this is how Labour can fix it

Alexandra Runswick

Jeremy Corbyn kicked off his general election campaign with a speech in which he criticised the unfair ‘rules’ he says currently govern politics. He said that existing rules “have allowed a cosy cartel to rig the system in favour of a few powerful and wealthy individuals and corporations.” Corbyn is right – the system is…

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