Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell. Westminster, London. 18/09/15

The unlikely shadow chancellor: interview with John McDonnell

Mary Riddell

John McDonnell’s elevation to shadow chancellor startled him as much as anyone. He talks to Mary Riddell about his unexpected journey from crusader of the left to leading the battle to regain Labour’s economic credibility. John McDonnell appears blessed with unshakeable self-esteem or the hide of a rhinoceros. Either way, he is unoffended by the…


National Living Wage – how should the left respond?

Donald Hirsch

Last July saw one of the most extraordinary acts of political cross-dressing in British history. In the first Budget of the first all-Conservative government since the UK’s first National Minimum Wage was introduced against vigorous Tory opposition, the Chancellor announced a “National Living Wage” – set to be more than a quarter higher in real…

purse tax 300

Why tax is a feminist issue

Kate Donald

In Ann Mumford’s chapter for the Fabian pamphlet Tax for our Times, she makes a strong case for interrogating the implicit gender bias of the tax system and discarding the idea that tax policy can be gender neutral. “Every aspect of a tax system has the potential to affect women”, she writes, including through supporting…

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