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Cameron Tait

Earlier this week a Nobel prize winning economist warned that unless the UK is able to improve its productivity performance, George Osborne’s ‘national living wage’ policy will end in failure. Sir Christoper Pissarides was right to intervene. Boosting productivity is the key to ending low pay and putting the UK back on the path to…


Putting Labour and Britain back together again

Ivan Lewis MP

Over the course of the next decade, the UK faces a series of economic and social challenges that will have a significant impact on the way we live our lives. From globalisation to terrorism; from an ageing society to devolution: each confront the country with major choices about its future. In the face of great…


What’s the future for industrial towns?

Anna Turley

Before winning the election in May this year, I spent three years knocking on doors as the Labour candidate in Redcar and listening to local people’s thoughts and views. The biggest concern raised with me was the lack of jobs, particularly for young people. This concern was an immediate, tangible part of a greater, more…

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