Rebalancing the economy

John Mills

The forthcoming EU referendum has turned out to be a major distraction from where our real economic problems lie. Some of the reasons why our economy is slowing have to do with the world economic situation – banking and credit problems in China, instability in the Eurozone, particularly in Greece and Italy and increasing debt…

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Learning to change

Jim Knight

When the Labour Representation Committee was formed by the Fabians, the trade unions and others in 1900, it set out to use democratic politics to tackle the inequalities thrown up by the industrial age. Exploitation and social decay were exploding in the new cities, as new combinations of technology and labour bred a new generation…

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From past to present

Mike Hedges

Mike Hedges looks at the future direction of the Welsh economy Historically, the Welsh economy was built on coal mining and the metal industries, along with agriculture. We saw a gradual shift as manufacturing became the main source of employment in the post-war period, with Hoover setting up shop in Merthyr (1948), Ford in Swansea…

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