Adonis report should address the innovation gender gap

Ivana Bartoletti

As Lord Adonis publishes his regional growth review today, it is very good news that Labour will devolve responsibility from central government for the spending of at least £6bn a year on transport, housing, welfare and infrastructure to boost regional growth. So too is the emphasis that Adonis is placing on innovation, which is essential…


Education: Tuition fees are a failed experiment

Toni Pearce

The debate about tuition fees has been brought back into the spotlight recently after official forecasts suggested that the write-off costs for student loans had reached 45 per cent of the £10bn in student loans made each year. The proportion of graduates failing to pay back student loans is increasing at such a rate that the…


2030 Vision

Future Spending Choices Commission



Why Life Chances Matter

Alan Milburn, David Miliband MP, John Reid, Ruth Kelly, Yvette Cooper MP