Seven things I have learned about addressing inequality in schools

Ros McMullen

1. There is a causal link between poverty and educational underachievement. The fact that some children from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds have remarkable achievements should not disguise this – it is so well researched and so well documented that it is completely beyond dispute. 2. The traditional response from the left is to attempt to create a…


Out of sight

Richard Brooks

Around 15 years ago a new tribe entered our lexicon: the NEETs, young people who are not in education, employment or training. Reducing their number was a priority for the Labour government of the day. The Social Exclusion Unit was tasked by the prime minister to drive progress, and he personally authored the foreword to…


Labour’s Britain: Education for all

Linda Riordan MP

Something has to give in higher education funding. The current system might provide universities with enough funding, but leaves thousands of students with crippling debts, no guarantee of employment and years of paying back loans. Is that the kind of legacy we want from our higher education system? If Labour returns to power it has…

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