Education: Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Rosie Clayton

The financial crash of 2008 has sharply exposed the increasing misalignment of our education system with its fundamental purpose – to meet the future needs of the labour market, and to effectively equip all young citizens with the knowledge and skills to succeed in life. For many young people, the belief that hard work will…

Education 2

Education: Helping troubled pupils through social pedagogy

Chris Kyriacou

One of the major challenges facing professionals involved in the education and care of children in the UK concerns how best to meet the needs of troubled, vulnerable and disadvantaged children who are struggling at school and who have, for whatever reason, become disengaged from what schools have to offer. In recent years it is…


Education: Improving teacher quality

Andrew Old

The world of education has confused many politicians. It takes some time for any politician to realise what the debates in education are about and, if elected, what they can or cannot do. It is very easy for politicians to put forward ideas and very difficult to get those ideas implemented in the manner intended….

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