Policy response: Apprenticeships should be for everyone

Graham Hoyle

Since the launch of Modern Apprenticeships in 1994 there has been  a welcome (and very necessary) cross-party support for the renaissance and expansion of apprenticeships.  But this progress is now in danger of  going into reverse. Antiquated eighteenth-century thinking frames new policy that is being rolled out under the guise of ‘quality’.  Worse still, the…

Young London

Work and Business: Careers guidance for the future

Tessa Stone

Any incoming government loves a quick win, particularly if it’s in a tricky area which its predecessor has been seen to have got badly wrong. So should the next government be red of hue, could I suggest that they look to careers guidance as soon as they take office? No one, not even members of…


Work and Business: Taking apprenticeship seriously

Alison Fuller, Lorna Unwin

As a respected and resilient model of occupational training, apprenticeship could and should play a much bigger role in the UK. Done well, apprenticeship fulfils economic, educational, and social goals benefitting employers, individuals and society. Employers who invest in and run good quality apprenticeships see them as central to their business strategy. They also understand…

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