Work and Business: Taking apprenticeship seriously

Alison Fuller, Lorna Unwin

As a respected and resilient model of occupational training, apprenticeship could and should play a much bigger role in the UK. Done well, apprenticeship fulfils economic, educational, and social goals benefitting employers, individuals and society. Employers who invest in and run good quality apprenticeships see them as central to their business strategy. They also understand…


England expects: Localising skills provision

Dominic Rustecki, Richard Carr

We ended last week’s essay with a nod to the English deal’s potential to chime with the responsible capitalism agenda. We touched upon the themes of partnership, Business Improvement Districts, social value and sustainability. But responsible capitalists have a meaningful role to play in developing skills and crafts across our country too. Expanding our skills…


Education for 21st century Britain

Rushanara Ali MP

Can Labour change Britain? The answer is yes. No other political party, no other political movement has done more to shape the modern UK. Labour shaped the last century for the better through its bold and ambitious post-war effort and the 1945 Attlee government which paved the way for the NHS, state education system for…

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