Rejuvenation: Engaging young people in politics

James Sloam

It is often said that young people are disinterested or disengaged with politics in the UK. This is only partly true. The turnout of young people (18-24 year olds) has fallen significantly over recent decades to well under fifty percent in UK general elections. And the situation is likely to be made even worse with…


Three things that really matter to teachers

Andrew Old

There is a gap between political debate about education and what teachers experience at the chalkface. Political discussion seems to constantly centre on types of schools, the difficulty level of exams and the influence of teaching unions. However, from my time writing a blog about teaching for seven years I’ve learnt that there are three…


Students as citizens

Jim O'Connell

Labour is at an exciting juncture in its schools policy. Most recently, the party has confronted some of the absurdities of the free schools policy and advanced its own alternative of parent-led academies. What these will look like is the next big question Tristram Hunt and his team must answer. In collaboration with my colleagues…

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