How do you value a library?

Dan Jarvis MP

Here is a question I encounter all too often as Shadow Minister for Culture: how do you value a library? There are a few ways of doing it. You can look at profit and loss: by that measure libraries, along with many other public services, are a dead weight. You can widen the criteria to…


University, but what next?

Melanie Aplin

A generation ago, school leavers chose to go to university giving considerable thought to what they would enjoy studying for three years and perhaps less thought to where it might lead them in terms of a career. In the majority of cases, it was a given that, with a university degree, there would be little…


Life after Gove

Fiona Millar

Is there such thing as life after Gove? The current education secretary’s ceaseless and frenetic activity sometimes makes this hard to believe. But one day he will be gone and the chances are that a Labour government will have to pick up the pieces. The stand-out issues that must be faced are becoming clearer. How…

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