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Politics in the platform age

Jeremy Gilbert

The election marked a turning point and a radical Labour  victory is now within grasp, argues Jeremy Gilbert What made the extraordinary and unexpected result of the 2017 election possible? Several popular explanations have been widely circulated. The first attributes the result to contingent decisions and the effects of personalities. According to this story, it…

emily thornberry

Interview: Moving the centre

Kate Murray

Emily Thornberry was one of the stars of Labour’s election campaign. Now she wants the party to prepare for power, she tells Kate Murray It was one of the highlights of election night: Emily Thornberry, grinning like the Cheshire Cat, telling David Dimbleby that the Conservatives were heading for their very own coalition of chaos….


From the margins

Shaista Aziz

Many who have not engaged with politics before are now speaking out. We need to listen to them – Shaista Aziz The political landscape in Europe and the USA has sent more than a few journalists, political editors, and commentators into a frenzied tailspin over the past year. Many spent months predicting Brexit would never…

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