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Macron’s age of enlightenment

Marie-Noelle Loewe

As a faithful observer of politics, my Sundays usually have a certain routine. Coffee in bed, watching the Andrew Marr Show, followed by eggs and toast and the Big Question, then more coffee and Sunday Politics. Ever since the general election in 2015, which in hindsight feels like the opening act of a Shakespearian tragedy…

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Promises, promises

Deborah Mattinson

After the ‘longest suicide note in history’ back in 1983, Labour, on its journey towards modernisation, latched on to the idea of the ‘symbolic policy’: a policy that illustrates a party’s long term values and vision while also connecting strongly with voters. The sale of council houses, introduced by the Conservatives around this time was…

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Labour’s six battlegrounds

Andrew Harrop

This is going to be complicated. In June’s surprise election Labour will need to fight on six different fronts and each local campaign will need to be tailored to its own context. More than in any previous election, Labour campaigners will not be able to rely on the size of current majorities as a guide…

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