Windmills in Germany

The EU and green growth. What’s it up to?

Edward Robinson

So far, the British debate on continued EU membership has largely avoided discussion of long-term sustainable development. But on this distinctly 21st century political challenge, the EU is doing a lot. In this piece, I survey the two flagship policies. Bestriding EU climate policy is the European Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and the programme to reform it. The ETS…

Fishing boats on the coast

A country mile

Cat Smith MP

Our rural and coastal communities often feel their voices aren’t heard in politics. Turn on the television, the radio or read any newspaper and you’ll hear plenty of talk about Crossrail, the City, even the ‘northern powerhouse’. In contrast, you’ll hear very little about coastal flooding, rural tourism, the fishing industry, access to (or lack…


Bringing it home

Ed Wallis

In December, politicians, campaigners and diplomats will come together in Paris for the latest in a series of UN negotiations aimed at tackling the world’s greatest collective challenge: how to catalyse action on climate change. But whether or not these talks put us on a plausible path to keeping global temperature rises to 2C –…

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