Transport 4

Sustainability: Local transport – not the poor relation

James MacColl

Local journeys are the nuts and bolts of our lives. Whether for work or leisure, nearly everything we do relies on decent local transport. We want trains and buses to be convenient, affordable and on-time, and roads and pavements to be well maintained and safe. Getting local transport right is highly complex. Local transport policy,…

Environment 3

Sustainability: The green economy

Philip Pearson

Before the 2010 election the Conservatives’ policy rebranding included ‘The low carbon economy – security, stability and green growth’. It laid claim to “A vision of a different Britain…of a Britain which leads the world in new green technologies …a vision of a Britain in which our cars run on electricity.” But despite this optimism,…


What can we do about smog in the UK?

Stephen Tindale

The smog in much of the UK at present is not as visible as the infamous 1950s smogs, and may not be quite as dangerous. But it is not safe. The 50s smogs were vanquished by a Conservative government banning coal burning in homes and moving coal power stations away from towns and cities. But…

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