Top five lessons from 2013: Environment & Citizenship

Natan Doron

It’s been a great year for our Environment & Citizenship programme. In January 2013 the policy review under John Cruddas asked the Fabian Society to explore how Labour builds a popular environmentalism. In a packed Westminster Hall committee room over 130 people crammed in to hear the discussion. In June, the 2013 Fabian Society’s summer conference focused on…

Green Europe

Green Europe: Reconciling the local and the global

Natan Doron

Silence is never the way to win political arguments. A strong commitment to European co-operation and a sustainable environment should be at the heart of centre-left politics. But, faced with their perceived lack of political saliency, the solution for left of centre parties has been to try and talk about them both as little as…


A warning from Warsaw

Natan Doron

Climate is definitely back on the agenda. This is precisely the message being given by NGOs such as Greenpeace, Oxfam, WWF, 350.org, Friends of the Earth and ActionAid  together with the international trade union movement as they stage a walk-out protest at the international climate negotiations in Warsaw today. This will be the first time that  there has…

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