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The price-hiker’s guide to energy

Donna Hume

It’s that time of year again – the ‘big six’ energy companies have started announcing inflation busting price hikes, to hit just as the cold winter months set in. Today, British Gas announced a hike of nine per cent, following SSE’s announcement of an eight per cent rise last week that will add will add…


The recipe for a popular green campaign

Sue Ferns

I was pleased to be invited to the well-attended Fabian roundtable held at the Labour Party conference on land, community and a popular environmentalism. There’s clearly much more to be said on such an important and wide-ranging topic than could be covered in an hour’s discussion in Brighton and, I would argue, more voices to…


Welcome to… Defra

Natan Doron

When heading up the transport brief for Labour Maria Eagle showed a great ability to apply one nation politics to transport policy. She was brave enough to engage with questions of ownership and also to chart a course that would put communities in more power over transport decisions. This ability will need to be displayed…

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