A warning from Warsaw

Natan Doron

Climate is definitely back on the agenda. This is precisely the message being given by NGOs such as Greenpeace, Oxfam, WWF,, Friends of the Earth and ActionAid  together with the international trade union movement as they stage a walk-out protest at the international climate negotiations in Warsaw today. This will be the first time that  there has…

Wasted Food © Nick Saltmarsh

We need to talk about waste

Natan Doron

Never mind buying gifts for their families and friends, this Christmas many people in Britain will face a choice to heat or eat. It’s a national scandal and it deserves to be at the forefront of our political debate. If politics can’t address this scandal then increasing amounts of people will be joining Russell Brand…

Environment 3

How our pensions could tackle climate change

Lisa Nathan

With the record of 400 parts per million of carbon in the atmosphere this year, if we continue pumping carbon out at our current rate our planet will be four degrees warmer by the end of the century. The climate change question has moved beyond the scientific: “is this happening?” to a clear: “what can…

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