Green grassroots

Natan Doron

The successes of Nigel Farage and UKIP in the recent local elections have already provoked much analysis. In particular, the three main parties are now engaging in an intensive period of soul searching as they think hard about how best to counter the numbers of voters opting for the anti-establishment, anti-EU party. A central component…


A green and pleasant land?

Sally Prentice

The abortive attempt by the coalition government to sell of the nation’s forests, the closure of many libraries and significant reductions to arts funding have caused considerable public anger. The cultural fabric of local communities across Britain is being eroded as never before. In contrast, the budget cuts affecting public parks, which are of equal…


Who we are is about where we live

Ruth Davis

The surprising joy of Ed Milliband’s party conference coinage of ‘one nation’ Labour is that it invokes and requires a number of concrete choices about how we govern ourselves. It is a genuine political intervention and requires a considered political response. Happily, these choices – about national identity, the politics of the common good and…

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